Why Should Every Company Conduct Drug Tests? Pros and Cons

Why Should Every Company Drug Test You After An Accident?

Many accidents happen in the workplace. These unfortunate events can be reduced by ensuring that employees are drug-free at the time of work.

Drug Testing for Marijuana

According to a study published by Quest Diagnostics Inc., 20 percent of cannabis users test positive for marijuana during a drug test despite not using it in the past 30 days.

Pros of Drug Test

  1. A drug-free workplace is a safe workplace: Drug test helps to create a safe and healthy environment for all workers.
  2. Drug testing helps in reducing health care costs: Drug test helps a company save money spent on health care cost due to drug abuse and also protects the workers from a dangerous working environment.
  3. Drug tests help employers avoid hiring someone with drug addiction problems or other substance abuse issues
  4. Employers can also use drug tests as an opportunity to educate their employees about drugs and how they affect the body
  5. Drug tests can be used as a deterrent for drug use in the workplace
  6. Drug test results cannot be tampered with, so they’re reliable and accurate
  7. Employee morale is higher when they know there’s zero tolerance for drug use on the job site

Cons of Drug Test

  1. Drug tests can be expensive and time-consuming
  2. Drug tests can be unreliable
  3. Drug tests may not detect drugs if they were taken many days ago unless expensive hair drug tests are used for testing.
  4. If you’re taking medication, your drug test will come back positive even if you’re sober
  5. Potential for invasion of privacy: Risk of violating the chain of custody
  6. It takes time to get the results back from a lab


Drug testing has its advantages and disadvantages. Companies should think about implementing drug tests for employees in order to create a safe work environment, avoid legal liabilities, and reduce health care costs due to drug abuse.



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